Friday, May 29, 2015

What I Wish for you...

It is cold and rainy by the lake in Colorado, and still a beautiful day. It is a good day for reflection. A good day for prayer. And this is what I pray for you:

I pray that you shall not want for food and shelter for you and those you love.

I pray that you find a green pasture to lie down in beside a cool stream and listen to the water tumbling down the mountainside, splashing against the rocks, and know that this great beauty is a gift from God.

I pray that you find peace in your hearts and souls.

I pray that you find the right path on your journey, and... even if you stray from your path, as we all must do in order to learn the direction we must take, I pray that you find your path quickly once again.

I pray that you pass by the many dangers of life safely, and are comforted, and feel no fear.

I pray that you feel confident and capable when dealing with those who would try to harm you and recognize that they, too, are children of God.

I pray that you see that the cup is full and not half empty.

I pray for goodness and compassion for you always.

I pray that you recognize that God is everywhere, in everything, and wherever you are, you are dwelling in the house of the Lord, where you will always be welcome with open arms.

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