Monday, November 24, 2014

The Peaceful Fields

Dark-Eyed Juncos in Berthoud, CO near Carter Lake. Photo by Darla Sue Dollman.

"How can we hear the song of the field while our ears have the clamor of the city to swallow?" --Kahlil Gibran

Sparrow in tree near Berthoud, CO. Photo by Darla Sue Dollman. 

I live on half an acre in the mountains of Colorado. There are fields behind my home filled with wildflowers in the summertime and sparkling white snow in winter. I call them my peace fields. They fill my heart with peace.

Late at night, I stand on the back porch, stare up at the stars and make my wish that some day I will be able to plant these fields with fruit trees and vegetables, and with goats and chickens. I dream that I will use the gift of these crops to help families who are struggling to feed themselves. I know how stressful and frightening life can be for young parents who must struggle to feed their families. I was once a young, single mother struggling to feed her two children when a woman, a stranger, offered to rent her home to me at a shockingly low rate. The home was surrounded by quiet, peaceful fields, and I used these fields to grow vegetables and herbs, and raise goats and chickens.

Yucca in snow. Photo by Darla Sue Dollman.

These are difficult times. In our county, the food program was increased in early 2000 to help families struggling with recession. Now, the food program has been reduced--for some families as much as $50 a month--in order to compensate for the increase ten years earlier. I was blessed to have friends in my community help me through my struggles. I actually paid for my daycare with goat's milk and chicken eggs so I could attend college! I know there is a reason why God sent me back to this same small town, and why I am surrounded by peaceful fields.

Tree at Carter Lake near my home in Berthoud, CO. Photo by Darla Sue Dollman.

As I watch the tiny birds sitting in the trees and listen to their song it enables me to think, plan, and dream. I dream of creating a microfarm to help struggling families, and I believe that is why I am here once again, in this same place, in this same small town.

I believe everyone needs a dream. Dreams give us hope. This is my dream--to pay it forward to this wonderful community of people who helped me through the years. It is a good dream, to make wise use of these peaceful fields and help others. I feel it in my heart.

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