Saturday, January 18, 2014

Compassion: How do you Show Compassion?

 My precious little grandson loves animals so much! There is a sculpture park down the street from his house and he has a wonderful imagination and loves to hug and talk to the sculptures as if they were alive. It's great fun. Here he is giving a sculpture of a happy snake a big kiss.

Welcome blog hoppers! For those of you participating, please by aware that I live in New Mexico and it is still early morning here.

I was going to write about love in its many forms, but I am in the process of changing my topic to compassion. I was recently bullied at an emergency room during a moment of great pain--I was suffering from spinal headaches following a spinal tap. It occurred to me that doctors and nurses are not required or taught to show compassion toward patients, and this makes no sense to me.  I always taught my children to show compassion at all times, even if it's just a smile at the tired and grumpy clerk at the grocery store. You never know if your smile is going to change her day.

How do you show compassion? If we make judgments about people that we do not know, how could that affect their day, their week, their life? Why is it that medical professionals are not required to show compassion and in some facilities are encouraged not to show compassion when it has been proven to be such an important part of healing? How do you teach compassion to your children? There are many ways to approach this topic, but I have a feeling that the path you choose in discussing compassion will be personal and will come from the heart.


Richa Singh said...

Hello. First time here. Your grandson looks adorable in the picture and what makes the picture more endearing is that where there are few showing compassion to inanimate objects, us humans find difficulty in expressing it to someone near us.

I may not be able to write on the topic because I am in a middle of the story. But I will surely feature you on my blog so that others can spread your message..


Suzy said...

Great post and topic Darla. I had the same from one nurse when my son was born. Hope you are feeling better now.

A Walk into the Woods said...

Dear Darla,
Loads of hugs,
I agree, medical fraternity, most of them, get hardened with so much suffering around them, that they stop feeling compassion. Even I have felt this around doctors.
Please take care..
Wishing you good health.
~ A Walk into the Woods

Shilpa Garg said...

A lesson in compassion is a must for every child. It is fantastic that you taught the same to your kids! It is really important that we be kind and compassionate towards everyone we meet, for all we know they might be fighting a harder battle! Lined my post about teaching compassion to children on the linky! Thanks for the opportunity. Glad to be here!
Have a great weekend :)

Vidya Sury said...

Such a beautiful initiative! :-)God bless your grandson - compassion is a fine quality to grow up with!

Love, Vidya

Sheethal Susan Jacob said...

Wow! our grandson is truly brave. if it was me i would have screamed and ran right then. And yea compassion is something that is lacking these days in everyone. I believe that a simple smile can change a person's day very much... so always keep smiling :) .. that's my way...:)

Talya Tate Boerner said...

I agree. Compassion comes from the heart and if you live a life full of compassion, your children will learn by your actions. Nice post. Hope you are feeling better!

Darla Sue Dollman said...

I am actually still working on a post. I wrote a post on love weeks ago, then after I was bullied in the emergency room and endured numerous nightmares from the event I realized I have to write about it to clear the fear and pain from my soul. I am grateful I wasn't around my grandchildren when it happened so they were not affected by the negative energy. I want them to understand, experience, and share compassion with all humans and animals at all times, as I taught their parents.

sulekkha said...

I was petrified on seeing your grandson kissing the snake :) Thank God it is not real. Lovely post about compassion,I haven't been able to write on this topic due to my prior commitments but will try to.

Anonymous said...

I have been hearing a lot more recently from some of my clients how medical staff and allied health staff don't treat them with compassion and to be honest, I'm appalled. After all, when you work with people, you would assume that you learn to be compassionate! Will write a post on this shortly...thanks for the reflective prompt! :)

peppylady (Dora) said...

Not sure exactly how to do a blog hop. I thought it was great topic and my link back on my blog was on this topic...I have strong sense of empathy...We can all do our part to make life for someone better.

Your Grandson is cute.

Coffee is on

Darla Sue Dollman said...

Thank you for all of the comments! I'm sorry it took me so long to reply--my email was down for a week. Ugh. The comments about my grandson and the snake are amusing. There is a famous sculpture park down the street from my daughter's house and the children love to go there because the sculptures are so real and it gives them a chance to explore their imaginative/creative sides. I remember the first time my grandson saw the sculpture of a crocodile--he was afraid to walk anywhere near it! Now, they like to create funny poses with the statues so I can take their pictures, but their favorite is the statue of an elderly woman in a rocking chair. They love to climb onto the woman's lap and hug her.