Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sometimes, There are no Words

This is the title of a photograph I took of my grandchildren, Elijah and Layla, in 2011. I entered it in a photo contest with Smithsonian Magazine and I just found out they chose it as the photo of the day over two years ago! Oh well. Now I know! 

This isn't the photo of the day, but a more recent picture that I also enjoy. To me, it shows so much emotion--happiness, love, joy. It was taken on a warm spring day when we were at the park. Eli Lou would hold onto one handle of the bike and Layla held the other as they pushed it up the hill, then Layla raced back down with Eli chasing after her. Then once again, he helped his sister push her bicycle up the hill. My grandchildren, growing up fast and still showing loving kindness toward each other. 

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